Holiday Make Up Lesson

Yesterday I had the pleasure of teaching a group make up lesson to seven wonderful women, a few who have had the pleasure of being friends for 54 years! After the ladies had enjoyed their lovely lunch prepared by their hostess I began the lesson. As I did each of ladies make up I explained what and how I was doing it so that they could take home with them the tools to create the look again for themselves.

We started off with a quick five minute look that each of the ladies could use for their everyday wear and then spiced it up a little for an evening look. I must say spending the afternoon with ladies who have known each other for so many years was an absolute riot! There were laughs the entire time as well as smiles after each of the ladies had a chance to see how easy it actually was to create a simple everyday look that really is achievable at any age or stage in your life. Whether you are a new mother, starting a new job, or entering your golden years spending five minutes on yourself every morning will give you the confidence you need to stand tall and show the world your beauty inside and out!

A few of the tips I gave the ladies was moisturize moisturize and more moisturize! You spend $50-$100 on your bra’s and yet most ladies don’t even have a moisturizer and if they do it probably was $10.99 at the drug store. I’m a firm believer in you get what you pay for so spend a little bit of money on the things that matter most like your skin and you’ll see results I promise! My second big tip of the day was the importance of eyebrows. Keeping them cleaned up whether you pluck, wax or thread as well as filling them in. Filling in your eyebrows frames your face and finishes off your look, try it and you’ll see! I suggest using powder not a pencil for a softer look. Pick out a few different shades of eye shadow that are close in colour to your hair and an angled brush and your set! And always remember your brows are sisters not twins, they will never look exactly the same so don’t waste your time trying!

I want to thank these wonderful ladies for letting me be apart of their day and I hope they are able to put all these tips to good use!