Do I need to book a hair/make up trial?

A very common and valid question asked by brides is “Do I have to book a hair/make-up trial and if so, how far before the wedding should I do this?” The answer is..........YES! You most definitely do! You wouldn't buy a new couch without sitting in it first, so why would you get your hair and make up done without trying it first.  Every lady has her own idea of what she would like to look like on her wedding day but it may be a different idea than what the stylists have in mind. This is why a consultation is so important, it is where your idea's become reality!  By having a consultation you may realize your idea is not quiet right for you, or you may find that you absolutely love it.Your wedding day is not a day for surprises(unless it is jewellery!)and having a consultation eliminates this. You may also find from a consultation that you and your stylists do not click, by having the consultation this gives you the opportunity to go else where until you are completely satisfied!  In my experience 1-2 months prior to the wedding is best for a consultation however remember this is your day so whatever you say goes. If you would like to have the consultation earlier let your stylists know and they’ll make it happen. You want to book 4-6 months prior to your wedding to assure you get the company you want and time slot as many of the larger companies do numerous weddings in a day. All in all a consultation is a must before your big day!