Let's Talk Mascara Ladies

Lets talk mascara ladies! I have had the pleasure of trying many many mascara’s in my day and only one of them has really kept me coming back for more. Voluminous by L’oreal is hands down the best bang for you buck in the world of mascara. When looking for mascara I want something that thickens, lengthens, and separates and this seems to be the only product I have found that does all three! It also goes great with false lashes. With the cost being anywhere between $8.99-13.99 I find not only does it do the job it’s extremely affordable which is really important when it comes to mascara.

I know what you are thinking ladies ”Do I really need to replace my mascara after 3 months, it is really necessary?” the answer YES!!!!!!! Every time you apply your mascara you are swiping off a little bit of bacteria and putting it to a nice warm place perfect for breeding. Paying attention to the smell of your mascara is also very important as it can also indicate that it has gone bad. Many ladies think that adding a little bit of water to a dried out mascara will do the trick and save them a few dollars but by doing so you have just made it easier for the bacteria to grow which makes it more likely to cause eye infections. Another tip to follow is don’t pump your wand into the mascara several times before applying it. This adds air to the container again causing bacteria to grow. If you need to pump to get enough on the wand, its probably time to throw it out. Also be very careful not to use mascara at a make up counter unless they are using disposable wands which should be the norm these days but you’d be surprised at how many times I have seen a lady dip right into the bottle and apply it to someones eyes. Keeping your peepers safe from infection is so important, we only get one set of them so lets take care of them ladies

I promise you if you give Voluminous a shot you will love it! And don’t forgot to toss it every 3 months! Happy Holidays